Edges of the forest – Beginners

Phaneroptera falcata, Gemeine Sichelschrecke, Sickle-bearing Bush-cricket, Phanéroptère communGomphocerippus rufus, Rote Keulenschrecke, Rufous Grasshopper, Gomphocère roux


The series Edges of the forest for beginners belongs to the group Orthoptera in their habitats – Switzerland and currently includes 112 images of 10 species.







List of species

The series Edges of the forest – Switzerland – Beginners contains 10 species from 5 families: Acrididae (Acrididae), Tettigoniidae (Tettigoniidae), Phaneropteridae (Phaneropteridae), Trigonidiidae (Trigonidiidae) and Meconematidae (Meconematidae)

  1. Bow-winged Grasshopper
  2. Dark Bush-cricket
  3. Great Green Bush-cricket
  4. Oak Bush-cricket
  5. Rufous Grasshopper
  6. Sickle-bearing Bush-cricket
  7. Small Gold Grasshopper
  8. Speckled Bush-cricket
  9. Steppe Grasshopper
  10. Wood-cricket
  1. Chorthippus biguttulus
  2. Pholidoptera griseoaptera
  3. Tettigonia viridissima
  4. Meconema thalassinum
  5. Gomphocerippus rufus
  6. Phaneroptera falcata
  7. Euthystira brachyptera
  8. Leptophyes punctatissima
  9. Chorthippus dorsatus
  10. Nemobius sylvestris

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